Sunset of 194…

2017 25.02 – 11.03 Rudomino state foreign literature library exhibition hall, Moscow

Audiomechanical installation,
letter with illustration from author’s family archive
Dimensions: 40 x 26 cm
Production: 2017

The picture was sent by mail from Eastern Germany to Ukraine three times within five years and returned to the sender by censors each time.

Democracy was proclaimed as a fundamental principle in the Constitution of the USSR, and a similar provision appeared in the primary document of the GDR of 1949. Citizens were granted democratic freedoms (of speech, press, meetings, unions) including freedom of correspondence, which had not changed communication control agencies behavior at all.

The letter appeared at the addressee only in the early 1990s. For the exhibition, it was supplemented by new means of expressiveness – a postcard musical generator and a mechanical effect of the subtle air movement, a kind of air of time.