2016 Euphoria. Borders of feelings session, Milutinsky squat, Moscow

Single-channel video
Duration: 4’00”
In collaboration with Catherine Kali
Make-up artist: Anastasia Lopatina
Production: 2015

Media can easily transfer images and thoughts over the long distances in the speed of light, but hardly can they store them for an extended period. The newer the media, the lesser data lifespan it guarantees.

Backlit prints with views from the house windows photographed years ago when grandmother was alive were glued to windowpanes in order to restore the natural appearance of the rooms. They transformed a then empty backyard into a flourishing garden. Powerful discharge spotlights were installed outside and focused on the windows to bring the effect of an eternal sunny day at any time and weather conditions, like during a motion picture filming process.

The main task of my experiments with the museum was to extend a period of everyday life available to museumification until now, but the final decision made by the museum fellows was positive only because of old furniture from the early 20th century. The contemporaneity remained transparent for them.

Video documentation with excursion tours held by museum fellows remained in its archive and may appear here sometime.
Another project with similar intentions was done in Moscow later.