Did we ever met?

2017 Metalab Space, Promprylad factory, Ivano-Frankivsk

Series of printed postcards and multichannel audio installation
Duration: 24h
Project was realized as the art residence workshop

Curated by Sergiy Pogrebyskyi (Kyiv, Ukraine)

A semi-virtual project was aimed at the materialization of online data and dedicated to the gentrification and renovation processes.

Being at the residence and staying in Ivano-Frankivsk, I have created some routes via Yandex Maps from the city center to industrial sites (Google service provides fewer panorama views for the area and blurs faces and vehicle plates, which is quite strange when appears on photographs). Most of them were abandoned. Then 90 photos selected and printed as postcards were promoted like advertising to the Promprylad residence final exhibition visitors. Promprylad, a former Soviet factory, is lucky to be under ongoing transformation into the community arts center, but there are plenty less successful places vanishing slowly and disappearing around.

For each photo, all its visually recognizable patterns (brick walls, windows grids, fences, etc.) were transformed into sound sequences and transmitted via the factory’s old warning system speakers, so visitors could feel the cumulative effect of all former industrial and now abandoned places hidden in the city. The series consists of 90 postcards representing the maximum period non-residents are allowed to stay in Ukraine.