Derivetv offline show

2017 Bogorodskoe gallery, Moscow

Offline presentation of DeriveTV, no-rewind-available streaming service

Multiscreen video installation, printed manifesto copies

In collaboration with Anna Rotaenko and Dmitry Stepanov

Curated by Alexander Zhuravlev

DeriveTV manifesto

Along with water, land and air contamination,
we should consider online pollution.

Today we live under conditions of information overload permanently, and instead of free circulation, information settles down and accumulates on monopolists’ servers.

Messes of broken virtual machines, empty online production farms, piles of code and shells: there are zones of desolation in the virtual space.

We recognize a new landscape of encumbrance and alienation through our screens. With burdens of the useless, the possibility of productive interaction with this or that element, event, fact, interpretation is not merely thrown into question but can’t be articulated at all.

The Internet turns into a dump of uselessness, inapplicability, excess, although before it had the potential to improve communication, liberate knowledge and provide decentralization.

DeriveTV is a way to get rid of storing art and information to gain the integrity of memory.

What we produce is a moment of time, endowed with its uniqueness. You can remember it, or you can forget it – nothing will be changed as a result.

Our archives, which cannot be abandoned, are the only way of returning to a card catalog that keeps mentions but never stores objects and situations because a reproduction of objects and situations does not mean their confirmation in reality.

Maybe a reproduction is just a trap.

We aim to produce data that cannot be repeated, and therefore data that corresponds to itself at the moment when it is revealed to the world.

Now it is possible to return only to the mention and recollection of the unique moment, which was once, and which is always here, but which cannot be replaced by the endless reproduction on the screens.