Extreme points

2015 29.06 – 05.07 Artplay, Moscow

Interactive installation
Light objects: 50 x 50 x 50 cm
Photography series: 60 x 80 cm
Single channel video
Production: 2015

The centralization of resources in main cities for a general benefit in an industrial period provided the extended reproduction of manufacturing, turned into a huge magnet taking up neighbor towns and settlements, their population and working places later.

Moscow region has mental and economical boundaries rather than geographical ones: it is quite reasonable to discern them from the rest Russia by financial indexes, transport accessibility and commuting ways. Geographical borders blurred and inaccurate on maps, and it is hard to find them on ground.

On the extreme points, the northern, southern, western and eastern, cube beacons with LED lights, batteries and light sensors were installed. Their lights turned on at night automatically, worked until dawn, and served as frontier signs, while the coordinates were transmitted to the exhibition place.

After carrying out the accurate localization, the next quite logical implementation was to define a geometrical center of the region took place where south–north and east–west lines crossed.

Despite the population density in Moscow suburbs, the center was found in a rural area without any constructions or buildings.

Installation consists of four light panels with extreme points’ beacons photographed and placed according to cardinal directions and one–channel video in the center with real-time beacon’s GPS coordinates displayed periodically.

The real borders are outlined with spotlight time–lapse shooting and the geometric center are shown by video projection.