Reviewed future

2015 14.09 – 14.10 Muzeon, Moscow

Photography series
120 x 180 cm
Production: 2015

Photography provides assertions. Cameras follow us everywhere. With their help, an alternative image, another life, fictional and colorful, is being created.

While a conscious act of taking photographs assumes participation in the process, security cameras register everything detectable regularly and secretly creating archives of crowded streets, overloaded subways, night parks, and everything with high definition resolution and stable quality.

Night photographs of rare park visitors were taken from the points similar to ones of the park security cameras. Film as a medium was chosen to exclude a possibility of any control and iterations. Similarly, recorded videos from cams stored on hard drives cannot be changed or adjusted by the security staff.

The low light condition made the shooting possible with long exposure times, blurring humans’ figures and resulting in the impossibility of their identification – the second feature of night videos made by generic surveillance cameras.