Inner constructivism

2013 26.07 – 08.08 Best city of the world festival, Moscow

Photography series
Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm
Production: 2013

Moscow workers’ settlements and campuses erected in the 20s and 30s by Russian constructivist architects, over the last years attract attention periodically, either mentioned in plans for demolition because of the inexpediency of their restoration and absence of cultural value or by declarations of adding them to architectural heritage lists. News topics showed ruined blocks of flats of Budennovsky settlement and Preobrazhensky Val district to form the public opinion about their undesirable presence in modern Moscow.

The series shows constructivist architecture from inside – its entrance halls, staircases and vertical glazing with sunlight passing through them without barriers. This way constructivist architecture is seen by its inhabitants daily, and it does not seem to be ramshackle and collapsing before their eyes.