Г5—54 project

2015 Elektrozavod gallery, Moscow – ongoing

Audiomechanical installations,
interactive and tactile objects,
compact cassette releases

Г5—54 is a sound-centered project based on analog electromechanical audio generation and synthesis, named after the widespread Soviet video pulse generator, which is used as the main audio-effect trigger controlled by audio signals of the most powerful FM- and TV-stations available on the area.

The goal it manifested at its first appearance could be defined as the mechanism of strengthening connections between the experience of sound as a performative continuance and the impression of images, texts, and objects as stable and constant entities.

The majority of Г5—54 work presents audio as sound sculptures, formed and supported by tangible objects, unique acoustics of places and analog limited releases.

After the first presentation, Г5—54 has become an independent long-term collaborative sound project; now it has its separate webpages,

and is at its most active state these days.