Worshipful place

2017 Elektrozavod gallery, sclerotium exhibition

Performance and live video streaming (first day of the show)/
video with prepared soundtrack (other days)
Duration: 4h 40′ 00″
Main idea and performance: Galiya Sadarova
Video/cut/sound design: Alexander Minchenko

Curated by Viktoria Malkova and Natalia Timofeeva

The difference between human experience and technical perception is even larger than it is supposed to think. Even if we rationally understand what happens somewhere, this does not mean we can experience it in all immediacy.

Elektrozavod artist–run space consists of a gallery and workshops. During the opening workshops were closed, and a video was streaming from them showing Galiya, a new resident of the place, was preparing her work site. Other days of show the video was accompanied by an audio with sounds of tools, music and voices emanated from the closed workshops making an illusion of ongoing process. The discrepancy between the film and reality, between prepared and imaginary processes gets even larger when the sound localized in the closed area is added.