2016 Moscow museum of modern art, 5th moscow biennale for young art special project

Photography series
Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm
Camera: Alexey Yeliseev

One-channel audio
Duration: 56’47”
Recorded live by Alexander Minchenko
and Alexey Yeliseev

Entry stelae are the Soviet legacy and marked almost each city, town or big state farm. Today part of them are abandoned with the closed farms, but the others continue their lives transforming and changing their functions.

These nine monuments are situated along the main road M17 between Russian and Ukrainian borders, which crosses the Crimea from west to north.

The work was completed remotedly with the instructions given to Alexey Yeliseev, a photographer, and automatic recording of his car’s engine hum. Later the drone composition was written based on the engine noises.

Following the remoted production concept, a text about the work was also ordered and completed by an anonymous online-payed copywriter.

Entry stelae are large, freestanding structures. Entry sign is a visiting card of any large and small settlement: a city, a village, a township. Competently and aesthetically executed, the entry sign not only informs about the name of the given settlement, but also provides imaginative emotional information about its history and modernity, about the nature and occupations of the population, and also to a certain extent characterizes its leaders, their patriotism, artistic taste and economy. As a rule, the entrance stelae are installed at the driveway to a town and are intended to indicate the beginning of its territory and a little greeting of its guests.

Entrance stelaes can be made of concrete or metal, their height is not less than eight meters. Currently, most of the entry stela has not the most original design, but in some countries their boring versions are prudently replaced by spectacular ones.

Creative workshop designers during the concept development take into account the history, traditions, achievements, national and local symbols and other information about this settlement. After the approval of the sketches by the leadership of the settlement, they are embodied in a full-scale artwork. Entry signs are artistic works, amulets that have not only informational, but also aesthetic significance, which creates a good mood and good foreboding for a person who passes  by a sign of a city, town or village.

Text for the work is made by Eugene (, an anonymous copywriter, for 250 russian rubles fee.