2016 Guslitsa art residence

4-channel interactive audioinstallation
Duration: 14h 00′ 00″

The pre-recorded sounds of modern weaving equipment (the Kurovsky Melange Combine was located in the building of the Guslitsa estate in the past) are emitted into the shop spaces, interact with them, acquire a characteristic coloration, reverberation, and the result sounds are broadcasted through the open windows to the outer territory by powerful loudspeakers.

The factory become in operaton again, after more than 20 years of downtime, emitting the sounds of working machinery.

‘Hot Summer. At the factory yard, a dim later sun is shining. From wide opened windows the noise of weaving looms and the smell of glue, harsh threads and moistening spread into the yard’.

‘Factory’ by Eugene Saikovsky

Loudspeakers installed inside the factory space

Former factory shops used for live sound coloration