2014 06.03 – 04.04 Mir palace of culture, Dubna Moskovskaya obl. Russia

Photography series
40×60 cm
Production: 2013 — 2014

Small towns are hard to distinguish. Theirs transparent modernity develops itself in routine problems discussion and reaches a deadlock during an attempt to answer the question what to pay attention at, if there are no places of interest hereabout. Wandering, you start looking through details. Buffs, patches on a town’s body covering graffiti writers’ tags, catch your eyes sooner or later.

Found a buff, I lighted it with a bright torch, set my camera on tripod, photographed and waited for an interaction with passers–by. Actually, the interaction usually succeeded and, talking about buffs, they moved away to a comfort distance for looking at buffs’ environment and building walls they are painted on. I took another photograph from that point automatically, not using the camera viewfinder. Some of them recalled shapes of previous buffs and when graffiti appeared on that building first.

Unique traits were arising in town districts, which were fully transparent to recollection of anything. Buffers often (in most cases they were workers for town community services) do not take care of aesthetic part of their activities, do not think that patches’ colors should correspond to walls tones and about meaning of tags and thoughts of their authors.

To the utmost, this situation is similar to the work process of artists creating monuments of great citizens or famous events. They as usually create shadows or outlines instead of integral images.