Alexander Minchenko, an interdisciplinary artist and engineer (born in 1986 in Tarusa, Russia), lives and works in Moscow, Maryino (Russia) and Vinnytsya (Ukraine). As an undergraduate and postgraduate he studied Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering as well as Optoelectronics at Moscow state technical university of radiotechnics, electronics and automatics.

Alexander acquired his basic education in art photography and video at British higher school of art and design, and in contemporary art practices and art history at Institute of contemporary art, Moscow. He visited the course on sound production and interactive art at the Moscow Rod­chenko School.

He has par­tic­i­pated in various group shows, bi­en­nales and events in­clud­ing: the Parallel Program of the 3rd Moscow Biennale, the 5th Moscow Bi­en­nale of Young Art, and took part in ex­hi­bi­tions and performances in Russia, Ukraine and the US.


2015–17 Institute of contemporary art, Moscow / Contemporary art practices and art history

2016–17 Rodchenko art school, Moscow / Course on sound design and interactive art

2012–14 British higher school of art and design / BA Fine art photography and videoart

2008–10 Moscow state technological university / Postgraduate in Optoelectronics

2002–07 Moscow state university of radiotechnics, electronics and automatics / Master’s deg. in Electronics engineering

Collaborations and online projects
analog synthesis-based open source project
scheduled streaming television

Optical group
field exploration activities

Committee of XXI century
community interaction and management project

Moscow studio
G5-54 Stronghouse
142762, Maryino village, 20
Moscow, Russia

About practice

‘Is everybody still alive there, please?’

– Nils Kjeldsen*

Can we differentiate technologies that imitate life from living components? Are we able to recognize the urge to communication lays in the humane or semi-living online fields?

Work of Alexander Minchenko analyzes and explores emergent areas of communication, developing during an evident crisis of language-based contacts, identity multiplication grew from network social links and mythologization which shapes the borders of a certain community.

As an artistic method he strives for activity initiation that covers the gap between static and dynamic, real and symbolic and acts like an integral information flow. Alexander accents on the value of time as the essential constituent of post-duality.

A language characterized by temporality as its key parameter appears to be a contemporary communicative tool.

He also investigates how hybrid humane–technological communities affect and influence our representation, while transforming functional, political, economic and moral values and building up new ethics and aesthetics.

Alexander tends to greet all possibilities that communication technologies provide to allow representation and tele-presentation eluding the necessity of physical presence on place.

* A character of investigation from Alexander’s project ‘Nice to meet you’

Solo shows

2016 Nice to meet you, Red centre, Moscow

2015 At The Gates of New Moscow, Vnukovo

2012 Documentation of Nothingness, Fili Fest, Moscow

Selected screenings

2015 Mediapoetry night, Zverev Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow

2017 PROGR russian videoart show, Bern

Selected group shows

dom — dvorets — salon — muzei — amerika — otshib, Moscow Biennale for young art special project
Then it was unknown for us, Printing factory art place, Moscow
Shifting expectations, Guslitsa art residence

Moscow region center monument, Moscow
Watchtower, Institute of contemporary art, Moscow
February, 24, Zverev center of contemporary art, Moscow
Last hour squatters, HAS Atelier, Still not opened space, Moscow

Feedback, Dubna
Bearing constructions, VEB Forum, Sochi, Krasnaya polyana
Parallels, Nordic wood show, Central architects palace, Moscow

Raycentre, Krasnogvardeysky pond embankment, The best city on the earth arts festival, Moscow
Inner constructivism, Sahart, Moscow
Ring roads, Forma festival, Moscow

New era kaleidoscope, Polyot cinema, Moscow
White noise of autumn evening, Moskovsky, Moscow region
While the border sleeps, Yampil, Vinnitsia oblast, Ukraine
Rumble of wheels, Campa isle, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

House of bright light, Moscow state university of electronics, radiotechnics and automation
Screenshots, Yampil regional museum, Yampil, Vinnitsia oblast, Ukraine